Creating something new together

In South Carolina we create.

We are known globally for our ability to build, innovate, and produce. We are a leader in manufacturing and in advanced materials research among other great industry contributions. It comes as no surprise that our region is also home to great companies like BMW, Michelin North America, Fluor, Bosch, GE, and ScanSource. On top of being a great place to work, the Upstate is great place to live. Our region has a sense of community that is hard to explain unless you experience it first hand.

My Road to the Upstate


My roots are in northeast Ohio. I grew up cheering on Cleveland sports (go Cavs!) and battling the winter snow storms. After finishing my degree at Ohio University, I had  hunger to experience something new and to never shovel snow off my Jeep again. I  was one of seven to dive into a new STEAM graduate program at Clemson University and joined the inaugural co-hort of the MACTS program. I worked at a local public relations firm in Greenville and served as the research assistant for the Social Media Listening Center at Clemson during  graduate school. After countless late nights in the grad office, early mornings in the library, and an impossibly long thesis I am honored to have graduated with the first MACTS co-hort. 

Our class and faculty created a new model for studying communications and digital analytics – this took true collaboration. After graduation, I stayed in South Carolina to continue my career in public relations with a major focus on digital communications. 

I am so pleased to call South Carolina home today. The Upstate is home to breathtaking lakes, mountains,trails, and parks. There always seems to be a concert, art show, robot build, athletic event, tech talk, or… street festival on my calendar.

The Upstate Community

Many of you who know me know that I find a great deal of gratification in community outreach. My spare time is spent volunteering or serving on community boards. You get out of life what you put in.

I am fortunate to have had a constant stream of tremendous mentors throughout my career. In true South Carolina spirit, these mentors have all encouraged me to create something new, have integrity, and be critical of the status quo. Taking the director role of the Upstate SC STEM Collaborative is not something that I take lightly. Nan Dempsey, my predecessor made great contributions to STEM education and our community developemnt. I am forever grateful for her advisement over the past two years while working on the iMAGINE Upstate program.

Creating Progress

I intend to contribute to our region and help create STEAM education resources that South Carolina can put to work. The Collaborative has already made great progress and I look forward to helping write our next chapter.

Thank you for welcoming me into this wonderful community and for giving me the opportunity to be part of our regional economic momentum through STEAM education.


Sarah Arbogast

We bring STEM to YOU

With access brings impact.

When we launched the Collaborative, we set out to bring STEM into every community in our region. With the support of Clemson University, 4-H, and South Carolina’s Coalition for Mathematics & Science the Collaborative was able to help facilitate the longterm support and growth of the Science On the Move program.

Science On the Moves is run by Cherokee trailblazer, Katie Rishebarger.


The Collaborative has identified a growing opportunity gap in educational opportunity based on geographic location. This is problem seen on a national level. Mobile STEM programs bring education and training to underserved youth in rural and urban areas across the country. Science On the Move focuses on exposing children to STEM fields directly related to regional career opportunities in South Carolina.

You didn’t just hear it from us….

“Science on the Move has been a terrific asset to my classroom instruction. The hands-on programs are perfect for supplementing our current curriculum and the students have enjoyed them as well as learned far more than they could have from a book. Robin and Katie are extremely professional and go the extra mile to accommodate and assist in any way possible to make the experience seamless. I appreciate everyone that has made this opportunity possible for my students.”

– York Preparatory Academy Science Teacher

We want say THANK YOU to Katie for all of her hard work moving STEM across the Upstate. Be on the lookout for her mobile STEM trailer in your community.