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STEMLinx Forum Meeting Notes

November 15, 2017

5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

@ Hughes Main Library


Kelsye Acker, Laney Alverson, Kori Benion, Jaime Benton, Madeline Brown, Chris Burras, Helen Byce, Patra Card, Kenneth Carter, Maya Davis, Marissa DiLoreto, John Driscoll, Adraine Garner, Alice Gilchrist, Christen Hairston, Christen Hairston, Melissa Huff, Greg Hutchinson, Jennifer Klipp, Beth Leavitt, Justin Lewis, Mandy Liesch, Joey Loman, Zephaniah Long, Deanna Ludwick, Gerald Marshall, Mel Middleton, Brian Morrison, Brianah Morse, Susan Orr, Tom Peters, Thomas Riddle, Thomas Scott, Sr. John Agnes Suh, Donna Swanger, Courtney Weldon, and Jonathan Wiles


  1. Welcome – Melissa and Ken
    • Introduction and welcomes
    • Introduces NSBE – Ken
  1. Agenda – Melissa
    • Presents agenda, introduce speakers
    • Reviews purpose of our meeting
  1. Overview of STEAM Tech Team – Fay Choban
  2. Overview of NSBE – Brianah, Ken
  3. Overview of Science on the Move – Katie Burch
  4. Q&A – Melissa, Kelsye
  5. Conclusion
    • Table discussions
    • Sharing
    • Closing – Melissa

Discussion Questions:

  • What do you think are the most important challenges for students in the Upstate that the Upstate STEM Collaborative, NSBE, and its initiatives and partners should address?
  • What is the value of community-wide collaboration around STEM? If you have been participating with our network before today, what is the value of the Upstate STEM Collaborative to you? How could our network be more effective?
  • How do the programs you heard about today address or fail to address the challenges you cited in question #1?
  • What ways can we work together to support and improve these programs and others?
  • What other opportunities do you see for us to support existing programs and enhance connections between STEM outreach initiatives and organizations? What role should the Upstate STEM Collaborative play?


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