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Introducing Hannah Halusker

Hannah Halusker works for South Carolina’s Coalition for Mathematics and Science (SCCMS) as the Director of iMAGINE Upstate, where she helps to facilitate and design impactful, hands-on learning experiences for PreK-12 students in the western region of South Carolina. Hannah also directs the coordination of the Upstate SC STEM Collaborative to help join industry and community partners in promoting STEM education and workforce development in South Carolina.

Prior to joining SCCMS, Hannah was the lead science writer for Clemson University’s College of Science in the Department of Communications and Marketing, having published a variety of stories in local, national, and international outlets. She graduated from Clemson University in 2017 with a B.S. in Genetics and is currently in pursuit of her master’s degree in Communication, Technology, and Society, also at Clemson.

The common thread throughout all of Hannah’s interests is her aspiration to increase accessibility to the sciences, whether through communication or engagement—and especially for vulnerable populations. In her role with SCCMS, Hannah is eager to bring science to even more of South Carolina’s kids and to get them invested in their education from a young age.

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